Our Horses

We are blessed to work with some magnificent Friesian horses. The breed exhibits some stunning majestic looks, with their gleaming black coats, long manes, and extravagant action. They also have the most inquisitive and friendly temperament of any breed of horse.

At home

Our horses really are part of the family, living at home with us in North Cornwall. All of our horses are with us for life and come to us, normally from their native Holland at a young age. Our carriage horses are all named after Greek Gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Ares etc. They undergo a long training programme using methods of natural horsemanship.



They have a carefully balanced work / play routine. Work days begin early with each horse being pampered in our purpose built hot horse shower and solarium. The horses welfare is paramount and each undergoes regular vet, farriery and dental checks.